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VMSworks is a company which focus on the steel office furniture. There are more than 200 skilled workers in VMSworks. VMSworks has the Professional skills and Rigorous management system, We strictly follow the inspection procedures to ensure that our work and ensure that every one of the products , ensure that all consumers can get high quality products.

VMSworks is a set of design research and development, manufacturing and sales services in one of the office furniture manufacturing group, long-term focus on the design, manufacture, service three areas of achievements; continue to bring the traditional office furniture industry innovation, through the new concept to build professional office furniture flagship business.VMS company join in the steel office furniture industry as a solution to a gap that long -term existed in the market where the consumers amounts for customized high quality steel office furniture.VMS company will give customers a reasonable price which about customer satisfaction requirements of the order.VMS has extensive experience in offering Interior Solutions from design to build. It is one of a handful of interior solution providers with their own in-house factories and workshops .

VMSworks professional manufacturer: LOCKER, DRAWER CABINET, CUPBOARDS, PERSONAL STORAGE, WARDROBE, OFFICE DESK, RACK, MASS SHELF. It has produced 9 series include more than 200 kinds of products in the scale of production and new product development capabilities. Superb production process, excellent product quality, reliable service system. Reasonable sales price for us to win a huge market share and good reputation. VMS has been established perfect ISO9001 quality system, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.




As a leader of the steel office furniture manufacturing, the quality, fashion, Cost-effective and functional of the product is the reason for customer to trust the VMSworks. Perfect Storage, Easy Working is concept of VMSworks Office Furniture. Whether the transport, assembly of the product and office space reasonable planning, our company will be happy to serve you. And Our products could be used in widely place, home, school, enterprise office, hospital, and goverments, we have finish many government projects in China.


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Henan Vimasun Industry Co.,Ltd.

Add: National University Science Psrk,

         Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China. 450000

Tel/Fax: +89 371 56688917

Mobile: +86 15515596408



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Address: National University Science Park, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China. 450000
Tel: +86-15515596408
Fax: +86 371 56688917
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